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Study Abroad For All

Studying abroad is currently optional, but what if it became mandatory to study abroad for one semester? People always mention globalization, but what about a sort reverse globalization? Instead of coming together and sharing, why not have someone go to a foreign nation and completely submerge themselves into it. Learning the language, culture, habits, everything really. Doing this can help the world so much. It will teach people a new way of living, but more importantly give them a completely new perspective on life.

Requiring someone to study abroad can lead to so many new and great things. No longer will people only be from America or Europe and only know that life, but traveling abroad will allow a person to learn how other people live, and not just by reading it, but by actually being there. People will learn new cultures, giving someone a completely new insight into how things can be done differently yet successfully. It can allow people to find them within as well; it can show someone how truly blessed they are with the things they have been given in life that others haven’t. It can teach people how to cooperate more and appreciate not only the country they are from. Sometimes it’s not about sharing and become a giant melting pot, but also learning and understanding how others live as well.

11 thoughts on “Study Abroad For All

  1. As someone who is studying abroad next semester, I hope I have such a great experience that I would wish it upon everyone else to go as well.

  2. This is a great idea. First I wish it was requirement because I decided not to pursue going abroad, and now I completely regret my decision. Secondly, with globalization we will be interacting with individuals from many different cultures and it is important to understand these cultures in a business setting. People who are uncultured often disrespect people when their actions had good intentions because they were unaware of cultural norms. And if everyone was a little more cultured the world would be a much better place, and that would happen a lot less frequently.

  3. Great idea Ev. Love it. I think its very important to submerge yourself into another culture and way of life at some point to get a greater understanding of the world.

  4. I wish it was mandatory to study abroad because so many people choose not to go because they don’t want to miss out on anything at school. I’m going next semester, and I can’t imagine how much I’m going to learn. It would also be nice for people who can’t afford it to receive more support so they can have the same opportunities.

  5. I am also going abroad next semester and could not be more excited for this opportunity. I know a lot of people that regret not going, I think what it offers can truly be life-changing, that’s why I suggested it being mandatory, especially as Theresa said with help for those who cant afford it

  6. I love this idea! In addition to those who mentioned above, I am going abroad next semester and I am so excited! I cannot wait to learn about the different cultures and customs of each country I visit. I think it is one thing to learn about something in a text book, but it is a completely different learning experience to see it with your own eyes.

  7. As someone who already studied abroad last year I completely support this idea! I know I was very unsure about whether I wanted to do it, but I’m so glad that I did. Also I know a lot of people can’t study abroad because of their major or course load, so it would be great if universities ensured that all students could have the experience.

  8. That’s true, my parents are having the idea about being the international citizen, I am going the London next semester, I really enjoy the experience from China to US and then UK!

  9. Yes! Why not!

    I worry that BU athletes pay a “no study abroad”tax. I’ll bet the rates are way lower. Especially for two semester sports. That seems highly unfair to me.

    Also, financial aid packages shoudl take into account study-abroad. If we claim we offer the same education to all students, but this major component is only available to those with extra resources, then the goal of financial aid is compromised.

    Imagine if we said Biology or Art was an extra $2,000 a year and if you don’t have that on top of your tuition, tough luck.

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