60 second ideas (blog 12)

Who would you help?

I would love to have everyone take a gap year. I often feel like I am too focused on the future and planning. With a year and a half left of college I’m starting to realize that the working world of accounting isn’t too far away. I often find myself wishing that before I jumped into the corporate world, that I could take a year to myself.

What if everyone took a gap year? What if it became a custom for everyone to take a gap year to serve others through some charity organization. Would you want to do that? Where would you want to go?

I think that it would be pretty awesome if everyone took the time to serve others and join some organization that they are passionate about.

If I were able to take a gap year, I would join the program Soccer without Borders. Soccer without Borders is a non-profit that focuses on engaging youth across the US

Unknown-2and around the world through soccer. I would participate in their program in Kampala, Uganda. Many people who have been forced out of other African countries flee to Uganda. As a result, there are many language barriers and xenophobia. Soccer without Borders helps people to connect and overcome these barriers through sport.

So what would you do? Who would you help?



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