60 second ideas (blog 12)

60 Seconds to Improve the World: Creating Sane and Happy Children

The fast approaching holiday season has brought a lot of news media coverage on black friday chaos and commotion. One article I read about some of the sadistic, psychotic and tragic events that occurred this past weekend made me stop and think “how mentally stable is America?” It was an article about a woman in Chicago who used a screw driver to stab 3 people in a Walmart in order to secure her son the last X-box for Christmas that really shook me up. The article reveals that according to Walmart, the company approximates that over 5,000 shoppers will be killed at their stores this holiday season. When the stabber was interviewed later on in her jail cell about how she had literally KILLED for an x-box she replied

“Of course I’d do it all over again,” Robbins proclaimed from a Cook County jail cell. “My little Dustin is going to have an X-Box for Christmas this year. No one can take that away from him. Not even the police…Shopping isn’t a hobby for me, it’s a war. So I have to spend a little time behind bars. So what? I didn’t punk out. I fought hard for my family, and I’m proud of that.”

If the competition and commotion of the holiday season is driving so many people in America to kill, what does this say about our sanity as a nation? What do the exorbitant amount of school shootings, bombings, terrorist acts and other acts of violence say about teen and adult psychological stability within America? To me it seems that our country is experiencing a cry for help. After the tragedy of Sandy Hook the news roared with debates on guns and gun availability and gun licenses. The problem here isn’t guns, the problem here is mental stability. The world can be made a better place if parents spend time with their children, helping them grow and develop when they are young during their most integral periods for cognitive development. Many people cannot afford to seek help from professionals, and while often times insurance may cover these heavy bills, many people do not even have this type of insurance. A new system should be established within all  middle schools, high schools, colleges that offers free psychotherapy to young kids and young adults  so they may be provided with mentors that are experienced in this field that can offer them the support and guidance they may not be  receiving at home. The focus is often on the wrong things: so much pressure is put on kids to get good grades and score well on their tests and make all the varsity sports teams in order to get into a great college, but along the way teens across the world are committing acts of violence, and this might be because there is no focus on supporting and developing teen mental health and growth. The world could be improved if programs were created to support the mental health of young teens.


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