60 second ideas (blog 12)

Documenting the Most Important “History”

Ever since I can remember, my Mom has always made a considerable effort to video-tape my siblings and I, doing everything from playing hide and go seek at age 4 to graduation. When I was really young, my siblings and I loved the attention and could not get enough of the video camera. Of course, as we got older, it became “uncool” to have Mom record daily activities and it seemed pointless. Now that we are all a bit older, we watch these family videos every so often and appreciate my Mom’s efforts towards compiling important and trivial memories for us. It is so easy, too. Just aim, press the button, and all of the sudden, your every move is documented!

I propose there be more of an effort for people to video-tape their parents, grandparents, and other loved ones so that we can document the most important history. The stories of our loved ones are priceless, and it is important to preserve their history in any way possible. It amazes me that even though our technology is more advanced than it has ever been, less people are attempting to document personal life events because it seems trivial in the moment.

Life just keeps speeding up, and I believe many young people can benefit from hearing stories and memories from those who are old enough to look back on their lives and make conclusions about ideas like happiness, love, power, wealth, etc. and relay this information to those who are young.

Everyone may not agree, but I personally would love to watch videos of my great-great-great grandmother speaking about what her life was life and what was important to her. We study history in school, but why not create a more personal history of our heritages and preserve the history we may value most one day?



2 thoughts on “Documenting the Most Important “History”

  1. I think this is a neat idea! I did a project and heard about my Grandma’s life story. There is so much untapped knowledge out there. Hearing first hand experiences is better than reading about the past in my opinion!

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