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As the consumers are pursuing a healthier way of life, diet is concerned as an important step to accomplish the goal. However, not everyone has the same ability to get the healthy food. Comparing with heavily subsidized fast food, organic food will never be the first choice for the families with limited budgets.

The high price of the organic food due to several reasons, first of all, the supply of organic food is unstable and limited; secondly, costs of growing or feeding organic products are relatively higher than conventional products; thirdly, the delivery and storage method is not sophisticated. If the government pays more attention to the organic part in the farming, for example, investing more on the development of efficient organic fertilizers, hiring more supervisors to certify those qualified farms, lowering the price by subsidizing the production and purchase, organic life will not be a fairy tale in the society.   

Although there may be some problems at the beginning of the subsidiary, for example, conventional food suppliers will lose its demand, and supermarkets will have dull sale on the conventional products. The market will adjust itself in the long run.

Currently, our government puts so much effort to subsidize the so called “junk food”, which always causes variety of diseases, and the most obvious one is the obesity. Most of the junk food subsidiary comes from the tax that received from the organic farming and selling. It is not a correct way to promote healthy life and diet. Although subsidizing on organic food seems to cost a lot more than the conventional food, the outcome will lead less cost on medical care and a healthier society.  

Finally, in my opinion, I suggest the government to subsidize more on the organic food. Since organic is the word that represents sustainable, natural and healthy. Organic food cares more about the future development with a strong and positive society, with all happy and powerful residents, and with advisable and efficient government leaders.

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