White Paper

Infant Formula Government Policy

Infant Formula Government Policy

The infant formula industry has characterized its product as an icon of modernity, promising

health and prosperity to its user. While formula is undeniably beneficial for in situations,

companies’ ill intentioned marketing practices unnecessarily jeopardized lives across the world

(“Every Parent Should Know The Scandalous History Of Infant Formula”). The disguised

marketing techniques oftentimes influence mothers to adopt bottle-feeding, an oftentimes,

unnecessary additional health care expense. Industry and hospitals are reluctant to adopt

unlegislated regulation; however citywide hospital initiatives are gaining momentum (Why

Mayor Bloomberg Wants New York Mothers To Breastfeed). Furthermore, the Women’s

Infants and Children program, designed to provide additional nutrition to needy families relies

heavily on sponsorship from infant formula manufacturers (Kedrowski, 69). The federal and

state governments can establish a nationwide coherent and comprehensive message regarding

the appropriate use of infant formula to protect the public and promote best health and business

practices. This involves creating a nation wide policy similar to New York City’s “Latch on

Campaign”, and adopting policies throughout states. Additionally, the state governments can

strategize and find alternative means of subsidizing the highly valued WIC program.

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