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The End of Child Labor is Within Reach

Recently, child labor has been the forefront issue widely discussed. There are many activist campaigns as well as books, articles and reports to offer as much information for any reader to keep informed. An abundant amount of this attention is specific to child labor in developing countries. Children in El Salvador slave away on sugar cane fields or catch fish in open waters, while those on the Ivory Coast use machetes to cut cocoa beans. Additionally, children in Uzbekistan pick cotton for a living and other children mine gold in Tanzania. These are only a few examples of child labor that I decided to focus on for my paper.

This paper describes the horrific working conditions that children as young as 5-years-old face on an everyday basis. These children are exposed to hazardous pesticides, dangerous levels of mercury, and operate dangerous machinery. These are conditions that no individual, whether adult or child should be working under. The worst part is that specific companies such as Hershey’s Chocolate, Nestle, Coca-Cola, and many others contribute to child labor by having child-labored material incorporated in its supply chain.

The underlying cause of child labor is that the majority of these children do not attend school for various reasons. Either their families cannot afford to send them to school, or the parents need the financial help a working child provides just to put food on the table.  There are many obstacles that I discussed in my paper to overcome child labor, however, educating the youth is the key to break this currently endless cycle of poverty and child labor.

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