Dare You to Share
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Dare You to Share

When I came to Bucknell as a freshman, I had no car. As the constant struggle to get into fraternity parties on the weekends proved fruitless, my friends and I quickly grew bored. One day, as we walked past the LC, we saw the Zipcars parked outside. Having not heard of them before, we quickly … Continue reading

Managing the Globe
Blog 4

Managing the Globe

When I was one year old, my parents and I left our lives in New York City behind to move to Frankfurt, Germany. My father became an expat, a manager working for his company overseas. This experience is remarkably similar to the blog I read written by Kendall Tich from the University of San Diego. … Continue reading

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Turning a Blind Eye

Mike Daisey’s adventure through Shenzhen was truly enlightening and begs the question, “Do you really think Apple doesn’t know… do they just see what they want to see?” After hearing this podcast, I can’t help but think that Apple (and the other corporations involved with Foxconn) must just turn a blind eye. Daisey’s level of … Continue reading

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D.A. Blog 1: KYNE

This past summer I interned at a public relations firm in New York named KYNE, which specializes in media outreach for corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies working in the healthcare space. I believe that Milton Friedman would not agree with the stakeholder managing practices I witnessed during my time there. KYNE only agrees to contract … Continue reading