Societal Misconceptions About Immigration Policy in the U.S.
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Societal Misconceptions About Immigration Policy in the U.S.

While most Americans will agree that maintaining strict border control to prevent increased rates of illegal immigration is important, there are simply too many illegal undocumented workers in the nation to deport them all back to their respective countries. Also, many American citizens may not realize just how integrated many undocumented laborers are in today’s … Continue reading

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Natural Ethics: Gas or No?             Sustainable and economic energy manifestation has rapidly become one of the most pressing issues at hand for human society, more so with the ongoing technological boom that will only continue to grow faster in the future. As responsible and aware members of Earth, human society must take sustainable energy … Continue reading

Storytime (blog 11)

8 Dollars

I decided to write a short story about some of the illegal immigrant workers that were being exploited by the toy company Ty for cheap labor. [3:33 am]: Laying in bed, unable to fall asleep again…..I’m already used to waking up at 4 am I guess at this point. [3:49 am]: After making sandwiches for … Continue reading


The more you know…the less you actually do

The TED talk I chose to explore was Neuroscientist Stuart Firestein’s talk on the pursuit of ignorance. Not quite the ignorance that involves indifference to facts and ideas, but rather conscious ignorance. The idea stems from the theories of famous scientists and mathematicians that have discovered the foundation for all modern education. The more knowledge one acquires … Continue reading


Monsanto the terrible

When I read the blog prompt about American food supply, I instantly thought about the publicized scandals regarding Monsanto’s use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the agricultural system spread across the US. The movie Food Inc.(2009) made these scandals known to Americans and the reactions were ones of surprise and shock. Unfortunately, the amount of … Continue reading