Blog 5

Caring about Sharing

It’s no secret that today’s generation of adults, old or young, are the most tech savvy consumers that the modern world has ever seen. Information technology has increased the speed and efficiency of business operations in nearly every market of products and services. Concerning the idea of shared consumption becoming integrated into modern society, information … Continue reading


Wanting to be accountable Jerry Landers, the Vice President of Business Development for Aspire Indiana, makes some very interesting remarks about corporate America in a recent blog post. He refers to recent controversies like Enron, WorldCom, and most recently Lehman Brothers. He talks about ineffectiveness of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, an act put in place after the Enron scandal to … Continue reading


Actor, not a Journalist…

After listening to the “Retraction” piece in This American Life radio, I was very surprised and also angry about Mike Daisey’s exposed dishonesty regarding the Foxconn manufacturing plant and the Apple corporation. The lies told in the monologue successfully convinced me of the situation in China’s manufacturing plants and even persuaded me to think badly … Continue reading


Made in China

Mike Daisey’s discoveries in the Shenzhen China deeply intrigued me, mostly because I myself had never thought deeply into where “MADE IN CHINA” really is. It really is sad that the majority of Americans buy excessive amounts of electronics, without even once having profound thoughts as to where and how the devices are made. I … Continue reading