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Old Concept, New Name

I first heard of the “sharing economy” concept two years ago in a first year environmental studies course.  The class read chapters out of the book “Treading Softly” by Thomas Princen. Princen outlined is vision for a new economy that is driven by sustainable action. One of his main points was that communities are able … Continue reading

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Trust and the Sharing Economy

After listening to the KCRW podcast I found myself very intrigued by the whole concept of shared economy and collaborative consumption and the different ideas that came with it. Although it seems as though these are new concepts, I find myself agreeing with the people on the podcast that both of these ideas have existed … Continue reading

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The Sharing Economy

While listening to the podcast, I found myself mostly agreeing with the dissent’s arguments made by Milo Yiannopoulos. I agreed that some of the sharing economy sectors, specifically the Airbnb, seemed potentially dangerous for both consumer and lender. As Yiannopoulos said, you don’t know who you’re dealing with. Regarding the Airbnb, for all intensive purposes … Continue reading

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The Novelty of Sharing

The marketing of “collaborative consumption” to our generation, and our subsequent acceptance of it, stimulates the concept that sharing is innovative and modern.  However, I agree with the voices on the KCRW podcast, “The Rise of the Sharing Economy” that sharing and communal consumption have always existed. Our exponential advances in technology allows instantaneous information … Continue reading

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Caring about Sharing

It’s no secret that today’s generation of adults, old or young, are the most tech savvy consumers that the modern world has ever seen. Information technology has increased the speed and efficiency of business operations in nearly every market of products and services. Concerning the idea of shared consumption becoming integrated into modern society, information … Continue reading