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Poor Writing? Or Bad Idea?

This from discussion of 12 Years a Slave  in Fassbender, the German-born star who plays Ejiofor’s character’s owner, noted that Europe had worked out many of the issues America still grapples with. “America is such a young country and with that it has all the promise and hope and the land of opportunity and people can really … Continue reading

Scary Consequences of Data Mining
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Scary Consequences of Data Mining

Most people are aware that companies collect personal information about consumers for business purposes, such as marketing. Data is collected by observing consumers, tracking credit card purchases, tracking purchases with rewards or loyalty cards, and monitoring everything that happens online. I have never cared that data is being collected about me because I have “nothing … Continue reading

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BETTER in Long-run or best in Short-run?

The blog I searched and read was about stakeholder, which is the main topic we discuss in the class. The original post: The title of the blog is Capitalizing on Goodness, and I think it is interesting to combine those two words together, the author suggests that it is right to make profit, however, … Continue reading