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Some of the topics that we liked: Adri’s “Warning: This is not real life” Marty’s “From Bike to Light” Emily’s “Be More like Kid President” Evelyn’s “Study Abroad for All” The best idea Evelyn’s “Study Abroad for All” A good idea Dan’s “Teaching What Matters” Most underrated and very important Andrew’s “Pledge for Better Public … Continue reading

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Study Abroad For All

Studying abroad is currently optional, but what if it became mandatory to study abroad for one semester? People always mention globalization, but what about a sort reverse globalization? Instead of coming together and sharing, why not have someone go to a foreign nation and completely submerge themselves into it. Learning the language, culture, habits, everything … Continue reading

Cathy’s Version of Events
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Cathy’s Version of Events

I decided to write my short story as a reflection piece from the perspective of Mike Daisy’s translator, Cathy, after hearing about Daisy’s piece on working conditions at Foxconn. “今天我遇到了一名美国记者采访了谁打电话核实一个故事,以前的’商人’麦克·黛西,他是一个人,我最近翻译为他走访了三个不同的工厂在中国各地,采访到了一些人对他们的在工厂的工作条件和时间,然而,这是一个非常不同 Continue reading