Becci Manson: the retoucher of lives
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Becci Manson: the retoucher of lives

After watching many TED talks with topics ranging from poetry to psychology (it’s so easy to just get lost in that website), I settled on one entitled “(Re)touching lives through photos”. The speaker, Becci Manson, is a photo retoucher who spent about 7 months after Japan’s 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster collecting, hand-cleaning, and retouching … Continue reading


The more you know…the less you actually do

The TED talk I chose to explore was Neuroscientist Stuart Firestein’s talk on the pursuit of ignorance. Not quite the ignorance that involves indifference to facts and ideas, but rather conscious ignorance. The idea stems from the theories of famous scientists and mathematicians that have discovered the foundation for all modern education. The more knowledge one acquires … Continue reading