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Great Posts SHENZHEN-THE CITY WHERE I COME FROM by Weichen MIKE DAISEY VISITS SHENZHEN by Brigit MIKE DAISY: APPLE MAGIC by Katie (great imagery!) MOVING TOWARDS PREVENTION by Lauren WHAT ARE FOXCONN’S SOLUTIONS? by Marty WOnderful comments and interaction: On Brigit’s. Rachel and Weichen Marty and enoo6 (?) Continue reading

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Should We Feel Bad About This?

“Retraction” brings up numerous issues concerning decision making for stakeholders and shareholders. For this blog post, I am going to reflect on three decisions that were brought about throughout “Retraction” concerning Mike Daisey as a manager, the managers at “This American Life”, and Apple’s top managers. First, it is clear throughout the podcast that TAL … Continue reading

Lying Mike Dasiey
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Lying Mike Dasiey

Looking back to last week when I listened to Mike Daisey’s monologue I feel very foolish now for even believing him. Although he was very convincing, he deceived his audience by failing to disclose the fact that his story was not entirely true. Many of his facts were exaggerated and some things did not even … Continue reading