Ma Jun’s Solution to Pollution
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Ma Jun’s Solution to Pollution

We can all agree that our world’s current level of pollution production contributes to impending global environmental problems.  Many consumers and industries use finite natural resources irresponsibly, turning a blind eye to sustainability in favor of profit, and damaging our irreplaceable environment.  These levels of consumption coupled with poor regulation show insensitivity to sustainability.  We … Continue reading

Cathy’s Version of Events
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Cathy’s Version of Events

I decided to write my short story as a reflection piece from the perspective of Mike Daisy’s translator, Cathy, after hearing about Daisy’s piece on working conditions at Foxconn. “今天我遇到了一名美国记者采访了谁打电话核实一个故事,以前的’商人’麦克·黛西,他是一个人,我最近翻译为他走访了三个不同的工厂在中国各地,采访到了一些人对他们的在工厂的工作条件和时间,然而,这是一个非常不同 Continue reading

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Should We Feel Bad About This?

“Retraction” brings up numerous issues concerning decision making for stakeholders and shareholders. For this blog post, I am going to reflect on three decisions that were brought about throughout “Retraction” concerning Mike Daisey as a manager, the managers at “This American Life”, and Apple’s top managers. First, it is clear throughout the podcast that TAL … Continue reading

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The Effect of Lies

Mike Daisy’s story being broadcast on This American Life created quite the controversy. I think what Daisy did, lying about his story being completely true so that it would be broadcast as journalism, was unethical and irresponsible. He even admitted to being afraid that someone would discover that he did not tell his story exactly … Continue reading