Monsanto the terrible

When I read the blog prompt about American food supply, I instantly thought about the publicized scandals regarding Monsanto’s use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the agricultural system spread across the US. The movie Food Inc.(2009) made these scandals known to Americans and the reactions were ones of surprise and shock. Unfortunately, the amount of … Continue reading

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The Novelty of Sharing

The marketing of “collaborative consumption” to our generation, and our subsequent acceptance of it, stimulates the concept that sharing is innovative and modern.  However, I agree with the voices on the KCRW podcast, “The Rise of the Sharing Economy” that sharing and communal consumption have always existed. Our exponential advances in technology allows instantaneous information … Continue reading

Managing the Globe
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Managing the Globe

When I was one year old, my parents and I left our lives in New York City behind to move to Frankfurt, Germany. My father became an expat, a manager working for his company overseas. This experience is remarkably similar to the blog I read written by Kendall Tich from the University of San Diego. … Continue reading